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UK CAA Aeronautical Circular number AIC 57/2003 gives the procedure and options for the registration of ELT installed in UK registered aircraft. In the absence of dedicated SAR facilities the Cayman Islands, CAA are following the UK procedure using UK Country code 232. All ELTs are registered with Aeronautical Mission Control Centre (AMCC) at RAF Kinloss in Scotland, which holds the UK database and will now contain the Cayman database Annex A to this AIC consists of a form to be completed and sent to RAF Kinloss that lists all details required to enable the registration of a 406MHz ELT installed in the aircraft. The registration form should be completed as follows:

Beacon Details

This is a unique 15-character code for the particular ELT supplied by the ELT manufacturer. There follows a choice of four boxes to fill in next; Unique serial number of ELT, Aircraft registration mark, Aircraft Operator Designator and Operator's serial number, or, UK-Allocated 24-Bit Aircraft Address. Cayman Islands have opted to use the latter, the 24-Bit Aircraft Address. This address is allocated by Aviation Safety Support International on behalf of the Cayman Islands CAA and is the same as the Mode S transponder code. ELT manufacturer, Model Number and Battery Expiry date are self-explanatory.

Aircraft Details

Four boxes to be completed, again self-explanatory.

ELT Owner/Operator Information

The first box under this heading is again self-explanatory, all details should be provided. The second box contains 24-hour contact information for ARCC personnel to contact in the event of ELT activation. The persons listed ideally should be a 24-hour operations department with knowledge of the aircraft's whereabouts and status. These are the contact points to be used in the event of an emergency or accidental activation of the ELT. Use of the pilot's contact details is not acceptable. Next is a small section to show if the ELT being registered is a replacement for an earlier unit. The old unit manufacturer's code is recorded. Leave blank otherwise.

Remarks/Further Information

In this box write the registration of the aircraft VP-C??. This is to assist in the identifying of the aircraft in the event of an ELT activation.


  1. Application for a Mode S code must be submitted to CAACI, who will request the code on behalf of the owner/operator.
  2. RAF Kinloss database contact:

NOTE: It is the responsibility of the Operator to register the ELT

Last Updated: 2012-09-27