04th May, 2020


CAACI Policy on Flight Crew Recency

Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTAR) refs 1.915, 125.915, 135.915 and 121.915

Further to the relaxed renewal policy previously issued by the CAACI, the following is specific guidance for air operators and flight crews to meet the Flight Crew Recency requirements specified in the OTAR applicable to their scope of flight operation.

Operators and flight crew are granted an extension of sixty (60) days to the flight crew recency requirements referenced in the above OTARs subject to the following conditions:

  1. The air operator shall conduct an internal Hazard analysis and Risk Assessment (RA)identifying appropriate mitigation for not meeting the recency requirements referenced inthe applicable OTAR;
  2. A copy of the completed RA will be provided to the CAACI for analysis, addition to thecompany file and CAACI acceptance; and
  3. If accepted, the CAACI will acknowledge the RA and in doing so grant the sixty (60) dayflight crew recency extension.


If you have any questions on this guidance or any matter regulatory matter please contact Captain Lindsay Cadenhead, Director Air Safety Regulation at 345-925-9983 or at Lindsay.cadenhead@caacayman.com


Yours truly
P. H. Richard Smith, MBE FRAeS
Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands