Deregistration Process

The following is a basic listing of sequential events that must occur before the deregistration of an aircraft can occur.

The beneficial owner or the person responsible for the aircraft, by evidence of Power of Attorney, will give Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) the instructions to deregister the aircraft. This can be sent by email to Taron Smith/a>
The aircraft account must be settled with CAACI before the aircraft can be deregistered. The CAACI Finance Division will provide all details necessary when it has received the instruction that the aircraft will be deregistered. Requests for account statements and copies of invoices can be made to
In the event a Certificate of Airworthiness for Export is required by the importing state, a CAACI surveyor is required to inspect the aircraft before the certificate can be issued.  In order to initiate this process a Certificate of Airworthiness Request Form is to be completed and submitted to CAACI to Taron Smith. A cost estimate by the Finance Division of CAACI can be provided to the owner or his agent to expedite the required account settlement. The funds can then be advanced to CAACI if paying by international wire transfer.
The original Certificate of Registration is to be submitted to CAACI, with Section III signed by the owner of the aircraft or person responsible for the aircraft, accompanied by the related notarized Power of Attorney.  This should be sent by courier or registered mail to the attention of the Director of Air Safety:

Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands
Unit #2, Cayman Grand Harbour
Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands KY1-1003
Tel: (345)949-7811
Fax : (345)949-0761

An aircraft that has a registered mortgage on the CAACI Mortgage Register will require a letter from the mortgagee as to how the mortgage is to be handled. If the mortgage is to be discharged under the Mortgaging of Aircraft Regulations (2015), sec 9, A Mortgage Discharge Application Form is to be completed and submitted to CAACI to Jane Panton . If the aircraft mortgage will not be discharged, CAACI requires a certified/notarized confirmation letter from the Mortgagee that the mortgage will not be discharged but remains in force and that a notation will remain on the CAACI Mortgage Register.

Note: the CAACI’s obligation under the Mortgaging of Aircraft Regulations (2015) is to notify the mortgagee that the registered owner/mortgagor intends to deregister the aircraft, change particulars of the registration or change ownership. Although it is possible for the mortgage to remain registered with the CAACI under section 12 of the Regulations, if the aircraft is no longer registered with the CAACI, this obligation would fall away as the CAACI no longer maintains particulars on the aircraft to give notification of any changes.

CAACI will advise the new State of Registry of the aircraft being deregistered from the CAACI Register as instructed by the owner or person responsible.  CAACI will ensure that the RVSM and Mode S authorizations are deregistered from the relevant agencies.  It is the responsibility of the aircraft owner or the owner’s agent to advise the UK rescue coordination center of changes to the information on file for the 406 MHz ELT. Contact information for the center follows:

United Kingdom Mission Control Centre (UKMCC)
Aeronautical Rescue Co-ordination Centre (ARCC)
Royal Air Force Kinloss
IV36 3UH
Tel: 01309-678304
Fax: 01309-690717