Deregistration Process

The following is a listing of sequential events that must occur before the deregistration of an aircraft can occur.

The aircraft owner or his/her agent, by evidence of Power of Attorney, will give Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) the instructions to deregister the aircraft. This can be sent by email to Jane Panton at and

The aircraft account must be settled with CAACI before the aircraft can be deregistered. The CAACI Finance Division will provide details of outstanding amounts and any fees due upon deregistration when it has received the instruction that the aircraft will be deregistered. Requests for account statements and copies of invoices can be made to In addition to any outstanding balance, the deregistration fee will be $500.00 CI or $609.76 US. This can be paid by credit card to expedite the process.

In the event a Certificate of Airworthiness for Export is required by the importing state, a CAACI surveyor is required to inspect the aircraft before the certificate can be issued. In order to initiate this process, the CAACI will require that the Technical Coordinator of the aircraft complete the Survey Request Export application found in our online data management portal VP-C Online.

If you require a cost estimate for the Export which includes the Certificate, the aircraft survey expenses and deregistration fee, please contact Finance staff through the email address with this request. A pro forma invoice of the cost estimate can be provided to the owner or owner’s agent to expedite the required account settlement before deregistration. The funds can then be advanced to CAACI if paying by international wire transfer or can be paid by credit card through the payment portal of the CAACI’s website which is at the bottom right of this screen.

The original Certificate of Registration (C of R) is to be submitted to CAACI, with Section III signed by the owner of the aircraft or owner’s agent, accompanied by the related notarized Power of Attorney stating the aircraft will be deregistered and indicating the new state of registration. The name of the person signing should be printed under the signature. The date at the back of the Certificate can indicate the deregistration process must begin and the aircraft will not be deregistered until the final instruction is received from the owner, an officer of the company or the authorized person. However, the signed C of R can remain undated to be dated upon actual deregistration date. A scanned copy of the signed C of R should be sent by email to commence the deregistration process and for CAACI to verify that the signatory is authorised. Upon completion of the deregistration, a scanned copy of the signed and dated C of R with “cancelled” marked across the front is to be sent to and with a copy to Jane Panton (Director – Finance & Compliance) It is not necessary to mail the original afterwards.