Transferring Ownership on The Cayman Islands Aircraft Register

The following are required steps to be taken before a new Certificate of Registration (C of R) can be issued to a new owner on the Cayman Islands Aircraft Register:

The current registered owner advises the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) that a transfer of ownership will be taking place. This can be done through the registered owner’s agent by email (accompanied by the relevant Power of Attorney from the owner) or a formal letter signed by the owner and sent by email.
The proposed new owner has to undergo the due diligence process as a first phase of the transfer. Please see due diligence checklist to be filled for the new registering company/beneficial owner. The registration application would be completed through our online Registry portal, VP-C Online. Please email when you are ready to complete the registration application and we can send you a link to the online application and instructions for completion. You would select “reservation mark already reserved” VP-C__. The 50% deposit is waived for new owners of an aircraft already on the register. Please let us know if you require further assistance in submitting the registration application for a change of ownership. Due Diligence can be completed within a few days after all required documents on the due diligence checklist have been submitted.
The current balance of the aircraft account is required to be paid in full. Please contact for a current statement of account.
Any mortgages registered over the aircraft will have to be discharged by the mortgagee or the mortgagee must give certified instructions as to how the mortgage is to be treated by the CAACI.

If the details only of the mortgage are being changed such as the name of the mortgagor (registered owner), a Change of Particulars form must be filed.

Click here for details of discharging, delisting a mortgage or changing particulars of the mortgage and the related forms.

The Lessor of a Charter by Demise registered aircraft must also give instructions to the CAACI on the termination of the current lease and give authorization that a transfer of ownership can occur either under a new lease or the termination of any lease arrangement over the aircraft. All of the related certified legal documents to be provided to the CAACI. For further details on documents required from the mortgagee or the lessor please contact with a copy to

The current owner completes the reverse of the original Certificate of Registration (C of R) in section 1 indicates the entity that the aircraft is being transferred to and signs and sends to the CAACI. The transfer can take place and a new C of R can be issued in the name of the new registered owner on the receipt of a copy of the duly executed C of R with a promise of the original to follow. The C of R should be accompanied by a Bill of Sale or Lease Agreement indicating that the proposed registered owner is the new legal owner or operator of the aircraft.

A new Certificate of Registration can be issued when all of the above criteria have been met. For further questions on this process, please email and copy