Aircraft Registration

The Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry is operated through an interactive document processing portal called VP-C Online. This online data management system provides a secure way to manage the registration, licensing and certification processes of each aircraft “24-7-365”.

The user friendliness and the convenience of the portal enables clients to very easily submit urgent requests, obtain timely approvals or alternatively print off temporary documents to facilitate the operation of the aircraft with minimal downtime.

The first phase of the submission of registration documents through VP-C Online is the Registration Application. All of the registering owner due diligence documents are required to be submitted at the time the Registration Application is submitted. For a complete list of New Client Due Diligence items required along with instructions for submission in VP-C Online, please see the Due Diligence Checklist. To request a link to an online Registration Application, an email should be sent to giving details as follows: name, company email address, telephone number. To learn more about the VP-C Online portal, please visit VP-C Online.

The aircraft registration mark can be selected through the online Registration Application. In section 2 of the Registration Application, a list of av