Finance & Compliance

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The Finance and Compliance Division within the CAACI is primarily responsible for ensuring prudent financial management of the Authority and that best practice compliance and anti-money laundering principles are applied to due diligence processes for the acceptance and retention of reputable clientele.

Client Service and Invoicing

The Finance function of this department is responsible for rendering all invoices for all services performed within the CAACI and ensuring the timely settlement thereof. Regulatory and Service fees are based on The Air Navigation (Fees) Regulations, 2010. A copy of these Regulations is available at the right of this page. Most regularly occurring Aircraft Registry fees are summarised in the following Fees Summary. Typical fees incurred when registering an aircraft are further summarised in this schedule.

The Compliance function of this department is to conduct due diligence on clientele of the Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry in compliance with International Anti-Money Laundering Regulations. Each new aircraft registration application must be accompanied by due diligence documents relating to the beneficial owner(s). These documents are detailed in the Due Diligence Checklist included as downloads at the right.