Cayman Islands Safety Policy Statement

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) promotes Safety Management Systems in its regulatory oversight of aviation industry sectors associated with the Cayman Islands. The Authority is committed to developing and implementing effective strategies, regulatory frameworks and processes to ensure that aviation activities under its oversight achieve the highest practicable level of safety.

To this end the CAACI shall:

  1. Practice and implement standards of regulation that are consistent with the objective of Standards, Recommended Practices and Procedures of the International Civil Aviation Organisation;
  2. Implement data driven performance-based regulation, that is visibly risk based, and also identifies safety trends with mitigations of concerns within aviation industry sectors;
  3. Ensure the CAACI Safety Management procedures, and implemented regulation remains effective through continuous monitoring of key safety performance indicators, safety initiatives, industry sector feedback, and from OTAA aviation safety aggregates;
  4. Collaborate and consult with aviation industry sectors to foster and promote Just Culture, to regularly address safety matters in partnerships with an aim to continuously enhance aviation safety;
  5. Promote good safety practices and a positive organisation safety culture within the industry sectors based on sound safety management principles;
  6. Encourage safety information collection, analysis and exchange amongst all industry sectors, relevant oganisations and service providers, with the intent that such information is to be used for safety management purposes only;
  7. Foster a CAACI Corporate Culture based on safety principals that encourages the promotion of Just Culture through equipping staff with proper skills, expertise, sufficient financial and human resources to discharge their safety oversight and management responsibilities competently.