Does a charter operator require a permit to operate into the Cayman Islands?2022-01-19T17:25:21-05:00

Yes, all air transport operations into the Cayman Islands are subject to regulation under the UK’s Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order, AN(OT)O, and in particular Article 135 which provides that all foreign registered aircraft operating into the territory for valuable consideration be licensed to do so by the UK Secretary of State. This authorization has been delegated (as of September 2004) to the Governor and thereby to the Director-General of Civil Aviation for the Cayman Islands. An operating permit can be obtained by contacting the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) at permits@caacayman.com or the website caacayman.com.

Response to Part 135 Operators

Does a private operator require a permit to operate into the Cayman Islands2022-01-19T17:26:22-05:00

Once the operation in not for ‘gainful consideration’ a permit is not required.

Response to Part 91 Operators

What is the processing time for an operating permit?2021-11-22T08:54:15-05:00

Once the CAACI is in receipt of all required documents (see non-scheduled checklist) an operating permit can be issued within 3 days.

What language are documents submitted required to be in?2021-11-22T08:51:19-05:00

All documents submitted to the CAACI must either be in English; or dually translated with English as a language or the foreign language to be accompanied by a notarized English translation.

Is a handler required to operate into the Cayman Islands?2021-11-22T08:50:45-05:00

Yes, an approved ground handler is required to operate into the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Islands Airports Authority issues a list of all licensed handlers.

Is there an age restriction for pilots operating (commercial operations scheduled service or charter) into the Cayman Islands?2021-12-16T12:30:11-05:00

Aircraft shall comply with Standard and of Annex 1 of the Chicago Convention when operating Air Transport Operations into the territory. Below is a summary of the key elements of this standard:

  • A Contracting State, having issued pilot licenses, shall not permit the holders thereof to act as pilot of an aircraft engaged in international commercial air transport operations if the license holders have attained their 60th birthday or, in the case of operations with more than one pilot, their 65th birthday; and
  • When the holders of flight crew licenses are engaged in commercial air transport operations and have passed their 60th birthday, the medical validity period shall be, reduced to six (6) months.
Are there operators who are pre-approved to operate into the Cayman Islands?2021-11-22T08:49:28-05:00

Yes, this list can be found on the CAACI website.

What is the contact email for Airworthiness & Flight Operations Matters, General Inquires, CI Aircraft Registry & VP-C online questions?2021-08-03T11:17:03-05:00

The email address is asr@caacayman.com.

What is the contact email for Pilot Licencing/Certificate of Validation?2017-02-23T15:09:51-05:00

Contact email for Pilot Licencing/Certificate of Validation is flightcrewlicensing@caacayman.com.

What are my responsibilities when flying a drone?2016-10-19T18:23:41-05:00
How do I initiate registration of an aircraft in the Cayman Islands?2016-01-13T15:42:44-05:00

The first step is to determine eligibility of owner to register an aircraft in the Territory and then submit required ownership documents through an online Registration Application. Please visit Aircraft Registration Process for full details.

Can a specific aircraft registration mark be reserved?2016-01-13T15:41:42-05:00

A specific registration mark for the aircraft can be reserved, given details of the aircraft and the name of the proposed registering owner, or if that is not yet available then the name of the registering agent. Please send request to registrationenquiries@caaccayman.com and visit ‘Registering an aircraft in the Cayman Islands for more details.

What is the cost to register an aircraft in the Cayman Islands?2016-02-16T16:13:30-05:00

The costs associated with registering an aircraft are listed on the Fee Summary. A quotation on the first year and annual costs can be provided upon an emailed request to accounts@caacayman.com, stating the Aircraft Type and Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW).

What currency are your invoices rendered in?2016-01-13T15:11:48-05:00

Most invoices produced by the CAACI are quoted in United States Dollars (US$). However, the Fee Regulations and fees are quoted in Cayman Islands Dollars (CI$).  The rate of conversion to United States Dollars (US$) is US$1 = CI$0.82.

When are payment of invoices due?2016-01-13T15:05:01-05:00

Payment of invoices should be made within 30 days of the invoiced date.

What reference should be listed when paying by wire transfer?2016-01-13T15:05:42-05:00

The aircraft registration mark and invoice #’s being paid should be referenced on the wire transfer.

What forms of payment are accepted?2016-02-16T16:31:04-05:00