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Regulations and Requirements are available here, including the details of the relationships we have with Air Safety Support International. Under the Bulletins section on the left you can view our CAACI Bulletin Section where we publish safety initiatives and urgency matters.

Our Airworthiness Team comprises of a focal point in our office located in Grand Cayman (GCM). We have based in GCM, our Manager Airworthiness who is ultimately responsible for this Department’s activity; Guy Healey. We also have two other Airworthiness Surveyors including our Senior Airworthiness Surveyor, based in GCM. We are supported by the rest of the ASR Team including that of Technical Administration who plays a key role in supporting our clients.

A significant aspect to our Surveyor resource is managed by our Manager Airworthiness located in the United Kingdom; Graham Rourke. Graham leads our European based Airworthiness Surveyors.

The Airworthiness Team provides regulatory services to support the registration of aircraft, the certification of aircraft, and ongoing operational support in respect of providing appropriate maintenance and continuing Airworthiness Management Approvals. We are delighted in being able to offer you a team made up from highly experienced and respected aviation personnel, whom have detailed knowledge of regulations and administer the implementation of applicable regulation in a proportionate and compliant manner. We are truly globally structured offering our services accordingly. We strive to offer in the spirit of safety conscious partnerships, advice and guidance to secure positive outcomes including for those issues that challenge us.