Continuing Airworthiness

This section of the website details all that you need to be aware of for, structuring compliance with Requirements and Regulation in respect of Continuing Airworthiness Management. In this section you will find the following subjects catered for:

  • Technical Coordinator
  • Post Holder Airworthiness
  • Aircraft Maintenance Programmes
  • Mandatory Requirements
  • Technical Log
  • Airworthiness Management

Regulations and Requirements are available here, including the details of the relationships we have with Air Safety Support International. Under the Bulletins section, also on the left you can view our Bulletin Section where we publish bulletins on safety initiatives and urgent matters. You will also find applicable guidance documents Cayman Islands Aviation Circulars (CIACs) and Forms. Please note that for the majority of applications under this Section, the VP-C online portal is your point of reference.

Your primary reference is OTAR Part 39 Continued Airworthiness Requirements. OTAR Part 39 details all requirement aspects of airworthiness management. Reference should also be made to Article 26 Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order. It is a requirement for an operator of an aircraft registered on the Cayman Islands aircraft register to be compliant with the applicable requirements of OTAR Part 39. For the majority of cases applicability of this requirement is extensive. However it should be understood that we administer this requirement proportionately to the needs of the aircraft, we aim not to complicate or burden with the weight of requirements that are not applicable by individual case.

Primarily, an organisation approved to the requirements of OTAR Part 39 shall by contract if appropriate provide airworthiness management services. The aim is to establish functional responsibility of undertaking all applicable airworthiness management activities. We have a requirement for a person to be nominated by the operator to establish and maintain arrangements for compliance to OTAR Part 39. This person for non-commercial operations is known as the Technical Coordinator. Similarly for an AOC Operator, a person should be nominated in position Post Holder Airworthiness.

The Airworthiness Management Functions of an Organisation Approved to OTAR Part 39 should cater for that listed above and as applicable in OTARs.

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