Flight Operations

Private Flight Ops

You will find information and guidance on the approval process for various certificates. Some of this information is considered generic and common to all categories of operation such as the MEL. However in order to provide a single point of reference, you will find on this page all of the required guidance, Cayman Islands Aviation Circulars (CIACs) for certificate issuance, relating to Private Flight Operations:

  • Private Flight Operations Approval
  • Private Flight Operations Exemption
  • Minimum Equipment List
  • Designated Airspace Approval
  • Electronic Flight Bag Approval
  • Permit to Fly Certificate
  • Low Visibility Operations
  • Fuel Tax Exemption
  • Steep Approach Approval

For all of the above, with the exception of the Steep Approach Approval, the CAACI application forms are now embedded in the VP-C online portal. If you do not already have login credentials for a Cayman Islands registered aircraft, please contact our Technical Administration Team:

Taron Smith

  • The Flight Operations Post Holder for the aircraft should have the required login credentials.
  • For an aircraft to be first registered in the Cayman Islands, the Owner should readily identify who the Operator representative will be in order for VP-C online login credentials to be assigned.
  • Guidance on navigating the VP-C online portal can be found here.

Your reference to regulatory requirements for the above is, OTAR Parts 91 and 125. Under the Quick Links section on the left you can find the applicable guidance documents, CIACs supporting these applications, and the links to obtain controlled copies of the OTARs and specific ASSI OTACs.

Notable aspects:

  • Flight Operations Manual approval is a component part of the issuance of the Private Flight Operations Approval, and may fall under oversight jurisdiction of IS-BAO.
  • IS-BAO accreditation does not cater for whole compliance to applicable OTARs and the AN(OT)O, as an Operator you are required to ensure that your Operations Manual is in compliance with OTARs.
  • For an Operator not wishing to utilise the services of IS-BAO, an alternative application can be made to the CAACI, please contact our Manager of Flight Operations.
  • The Owner will be required to formalise in writing the assignment of a specific Operator.