Flight Operations

Private Flight Ops

You will find information and guidance on the approval process for various certificates. Some of this information is considered generic and common to all categories of operation such as the MEL. However in order to provide a single point of reference, you will find on this page all of the required guidance, Cayman Islands Aviation Circulars (CIACs) for certificate issuance, relating to Private Flight Operations:

  • Private Flight Operations Approval
  • Private Flight Operations Exemption
  • Minimum Equipment List
  • Designated Airspace Approval
  • Electronic Flight Bag Approval
  • Permit to Fly Certificate
  • Low Visibility Operations
  • Fuel Tax Exemption
  • Steep Approach Approval

For all of the above, with the exception of the Steep Approach Approval, the CAACI application forms are now embedded in the VP-C online portal. If you do not already have login cre