Safety Reporting

 Reports of occurrences must be submitted as soon as is practicable after the event, but no later than 72 hours after the occurrence.


Flight Operations, Aircraft in Operation, Procedural, Aircraft Performance, Aircraft Navigation, Personnel Licensing, Dangerous Goods


Aircraft Maintenance, Aircraft Performance, Procedural, Aircraft Certification, Compliance with Data, Personnel Licensing

Air Navigation Services

Aerodrome Operations, Air Traffic Control, Ramp Equipment, FOD, Procedural, Facilities, Telecommunications


Wildlife Aircraft Impact, Aerial Observation, Procedural, on Ground Wildlife


Aerodrome and Aircraft Security including secured Aircraft / Component facilities on and off Aerodromes.

Practice Test

Have a play to become familiar using full functionality without any actual submission – use in a training session to promote Organisation Safety Programmes

Ease of Reporting

The CAACI is committed to ensuring its platforms do not compromise the process by adding adverse Human Factors. The reporting function is designed to be intuitive and cater for various experience levels. If we have not got this right please let us know

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An occurrence report is not required for an accident or serious incident. Accidents and serious incidents must be reported to the Air Accident Investigations Branch and our:  Director-General of Civil Aviation

Find out more about the Accident Investigation Regulations for the Overseas Territories and the definition of an accident and a serious incident.