Fee Summary

  • Regulatory references in column 2 refer to Air Navigation (Fees)Regulations 2010 [AN(F)R 2010]
  • The following is a summary of most commonly occurring fees
  • Fees are stated in Cayman Islands dollars (CI$)
  • MTOW: Maximum Take Off Weight of the aircraft

Issue 2: October 11, 2010

Activity Reg. Ref. Policy Charge
1. Priority Notice of impending mortgage registration AN(F)R 2010 Part III
Sec 9(2) (a)
The validity period for a priority notice is 14 calendar days CI$250.00
2. Mortgage Registration Sec 9(2) (b) Mortgage value less than
CI$5 million – $1,250
Mortgage value
CI$5 million to CI$10 million – $2,500
Mortgage value
CI$10 million to CI$20 million – $3,750
Mortgage value
Exceeds CI$20 million – $5,000
Minimum charge $1,250.00;
Maximum charge CI$5,000.00
3. Register Search Mortgage Search Sec 9(5) A fee of CI$100.00 shall be paid for each of the services requested in column 1 and paid in advance. Minimum charge CI$100.00
4. Certificate of Registration Sec 9 (1) The fee payable for registration of an aircraft and issue of the relevant certificate is $500.