Due Diligence Checklist

Instructions for completing Registration Application in VP-C Online.

(to request an online application please apply through VP-C Online)

For new clients, click on the link that you have been sent which will open up to a Registration Application. For current users of VP-C Online — select “New Registration Application” at bottom of page after logging in to VP-C Online. Complete the application with the required information and upload documents required in items #3 through #6 below.

  1. Once the Registration Application is completed and all required due diligence documents are uploaded, including the signatory information, please select SAVE at the bottom of the screen.
  2. A signed and scanned affidavit is the next step. Once the Registration Application has been SAVED, click on “Unsigned affidavit” to produce an affidavit to be signed and uploaded to VP-C Online in “Signed Affidavit”. Please note that the Application should be signed by the owner or an authorized officer of the registering company or accompanied by a Power of Attorney.
  3. After the signed affidavit has been uploaded to Signed Affidavit, select Submit to complete the Registration Application in VP-C Online. Simultaneously, a message will be sent to the CAACI indicating that a Registration Application has been submitted for review.
Payment of a deposit of 50% of the initial Certificate of Airworthiness to a minimum of CI$2,000/US$2,439. Billing will be rendered by CAACI after Registration Application has been submitted to VP-C Online. Please ensure there is an email address entered in the Registration Application for the billing contact.

Upload documents to VP-C Online

A certified true copy of the Certificate of Incorporation or similar document that identifies the name of the company which the aircraft is to be registered under along with the company registration date.

A Certificate of Good Standing may be required depending on the age of the company and at the discretion of the CAACI.

Upload documents to VP-C Online

A transparent overview by a beneficial owner or authorized officer of the company stating the business/source of wealth of the beneficial owner(s) (stating that the company has been formed to operate the aircraft is not sufficient). Please provide any relevant website links indicating the business operations and source of wealth of the beneficial owners.

Submission of an “Eligible Introducers” letter from a law firm submitting the application may satisfy this requirement (at the discretion of CAACI).

Upload documents to VP-C Online

To satisfy this requirement, the following items are required:

  1. A notarised/certified document indicating the beneficial owner(s) of the aircraft – e.g. Register of Members/Shareholders

For at least two beneficial owners (unless the BO is a publicly traded company):

  1. A clearly legible and notarised copy (color preferred) of the beneficial owner(s)’ passport photo page and,
  2. Evidence of their permanent residence, i.e. copy of a driver’s license and a utility bill.
  3. If beneficial owner is a company (publicly traded or private), a Register of Members of the shareholding company owning the registering company. Alternatively, a legal document which shows the link between the beneficial owner(s) and the registering company. This could be a flowchart showing the ownership chain and the supporting Register of Members/Shareholders for each owner.

Upload documents to VP-C Online

  1. Register or listing of Directors

If the shareholder is a company:

  1. A legible and notarised copy of the passport photo page (color preferred) for at least two directors

To indicate that the registering company is the legal owner or legal operator (through a valid lease agreement) of the aircraft. For a Charter by Demise registration, the related Lease Agreement should also be provided. These documents can be uploaded to VP-C Online as Other Documents if they are available when the Registration Application is ready for submission. Otherwise they should be provided in advance of Certificate of Registration being issued to Joni Wood.