Advisory to Cayman Islands Travel Partners

The Cayman Islands Government (CIG) has been monitoring the progress of the Coronavirus/COVID 19 pandemic and announced varying initiatives to reduce the transmission of COVID 19 throughout the Cayman Islands. The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) issued a notice on Monday, 10 April 2020 in regards to travel into the Cayman Islands, the following is an update to the previous notice on air travel restrictions:

  1. The Owen Roberts International and Charles Kirkconnell International Airports’ closures have been extended until further notice.
  2. During this time the CAACI is not authorised to issue operating permits as the decision to close the airports is now a part of the response to this pandemic that is regulated by the Cayman Islands Government. Also, holders of pre-approved blanket permits and verification letters cannot operate unless approval has been given based on the case being presented.
  3. An emergency travel hotline has been established by the CI Government, residents with emergency travel and repatriation requests should contact 345-244-3333 or email
  4. Nationals of other countries may also contact their respective Consulate Offices locally as there are coordinated efforts with the CI Government to assist with repatriation of various nationalities.
  5. At this time cargo flights, including courier flights, are permitted to operate. All air ambulance flights, repatriation flight requests or other special flight requests must be routed thru until further notice, as soon as is practicable for approval prior to operation.

For general info on C I Government policy see:

For general information on C I Government updates please see

We are also cognizant that many of our clients and business partners are working from altered arrangements, whether it be remotely away from traditional offices or on shifts/teams. The CAACI has proactively put measures in place to ensure that we continue to provide regulatory oversight to our stakeholders through arrangements for staff to work remotely. CAACI emails continue to be monitored as normal and can be your first line of establishing contact. Additionally for questions about the processing of operating permits please direct those to the Deputy Director-General, Mrs. Nicoela McCoy at  (345-925-5048) or the Air Carrier Licensing Officer, Mrs. Elaine Whorms at  (345-926-0487) or

As policies or initiatives change and updates issued, the CAACI will advise its valued partners globally.

The CAACI wishes to take this opportunity to wish you and your teams continued health as we progress through these unprecedented challenges over the months to come.