(May 22, 2019, Geneva, Switzerland) – The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) is pleased to recognize its significant working relationships with CAE Parc Aviation and Aeroconseil AKKA. The effort is centred on coordination at detailed levels taking account of significant learnings to ensure through proactive measures, Lessors objectives are reliably fulfilled. This also extends to securing confidences in the importing State Aviation Authority’s and that of meeting lessee expectations. Director-General, Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands, Richard Smith comments “Together we are actively supporting Aircraft Lessors in the important field of aircraft transitions. This can be a complex environment full of technical and jurisdiction challenges coupled with demanding commercial timelines.” The CAACI is pleased to report that the strength of its technical relationships with CAE par Aviation and Aeroconseil AKKA provides substantive technical justifications and initiatives for the timely production of Approvals and Certificates.

The CAACI is also engaged with Flight Operation Organisations required to support relocation of aircraft and where required, perform operational verification flights. The CAACI believes the field of aircraft transitions requires bespoke organisation competencies, processes and resources coordinated to deliver successful outcomes. The CAACI continues to promote this initiative along with its stakeholders where expansion will be qualified to ensure consistencies in product delivery.

CAACI’s Director of Air Safety Regulation, Lindsay Cadenhead; Robert Farrell – Head of CAMO, CAE Parc Aviation; CAACI’s Director-General P. H. Richard Smith; Eric Albertella – CAMO Post Holder, AKKA; Amaury Boyer – Helicopter Head of Sales, AKKA; Eric Grand – Airworthiness Review Inspector, AKKA and CAACI’s Airworthiness Surveyor Craig Stubbington.


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The CAACI has full designation for safety oversight as a UK OT, and is one of three OTs to enjoy such delegation. The CAACI is responsible for both financial and economic regulation of the Cayman aviation industry. In addition, the Cayman Islands is classified as Category 1 by the USA Federal Aviation Administration under their “International Aviation Safety Assessments” programme that evaluates a country’s civil aviation authority’s ability to effectively regulate its aviation industry. This rating enables commercial air transport operators registered in Cayman to conduct international air transport operations into the USA, i.e, Cayman Airways, Ltd. The requirement for such rating lies with the CAACI being assessed as having technically qualified and highly experienced staff to effectively regulate the aviation industry in accordance with established standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).