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CAACI employees donate to local charity in response to COVID‐19 pandemic

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands (3 December 2020)

On Thursday 26 November the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) presented a donation to the Nadine Andreas Foster Home which is operated by the National Council of Voluntary Organisations (NCVO). This donation, the fourth of its kind was funded by the CAACI staff members as a part of the monthly charitable initiative to support those in need in the community as a result of the COVID‐19 Pandemic.

CAACI’s Deputy Director‐General, Mrs. Nicoela McCoy remarked, “The CAACI is delighted to continue its support to those in need in the community and in particular at this time of year as we are in the Christmas Season. We hope that our donation will aid in the provision of special Christmas arrangements for the residents and caregivers of the Foster Home, assisting in the effort to ensure a joyous Christmas for them.”

Mrs. Nasaria Chollette, Care Manager for the N.C.V.O. Nadine Andreas Foster Home said, “The staff and residents of the NCVO Nadine Andreas Foster Home are overjoyed to have received funding from the staff of CAACI, which will cover our residents’ Christmas dinner/party, presents and gift certificates towards group activities. When children are removed from the only home and family they have known, they understandably struggle to work through the emotions of that loss. To provide for them a cache of memories of Christmas celebrations, is a gift that will last forever. We thank you for blessing us with your donation this Christmas”.

(L –R): Nasaria Chollette of the NCVO accepts a donation from CAACI representatives

Background info to augment:

The CAACI has full designation for safety oversight as a UK OT, and is one of only three OTs to enjoy such delegation. The CAACI is responsible for both technical and economic regulation of the Cayman Islands’ aviation industry. In addition, the Cayman Islands is classified as Category 1 by the USA Federal Aviation Administration under their “International Aviation Safety Assessments” programme that evaluates a country’s civil aviation authority’s ability to effectively regulate its aviation industry. The requirement for such rating lies with the CAACI being assessed as having technically qualified and highly experienced staff to effectively oversee the aviation industry in accordance with established standards and recommended practices of the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO).