21 April, 2020

Based on the current global situation, some Cayman registered aircraft owners may find their aircraft inaccessible or grounded for an extended period of time.  For this reason, some required maintenance tasks may not be readily able to be accomplished.  This will render the Certificate of Airworthiness to be no longer In Force and where required, may prevent the C of A from being rendered valid.

Further, some aircraft owners may determine that, since they cannot operate their aircraft, the need for ongoing airworthiness management may not be necessary.  This may seem to be a reasonable business decision but taking this step will be problematic from the perspective of being able to demonstrate to the CAACI an acceptable level of compliance and could compromise the long term airworthiness management of the aircraft.

The purpose of this guidance is to encourage aircraft owners and operators of Cayman Registered aircraft to continue with their contracted Continuing Airworthiness Management arrangements even though flight operations may be limited or otherwise grounded due to local restrictions.  This preserves the requirement to maintain the aircraft in a controlled environment, even though some maintenance tasks may not be accomplished.

By keeping the aircraft under a formal Continuing Airworthiness Management arrangement, the aircraft is in a controlled environment where past due maintenance tasks are documented and tracked by the CAMO.  If the intention is to subsequently gain or restore a Certificate of Airworthiness, as required by regulation, Continuing Airworthiness Management arrangements must be in place.  The CAACI is keen to support aircraft return to service, continuity of these arrangements where ongoing technical communications are encouraged will facilitate the CAACI approval of a return to service plan.

Alternatively, if an aircraft owner or operator chooses to terminate their CAMO arrangement, this will most likely require a far more in depth review by the CAACI and ultimately a delay in providing an approval of a return to service plan.

The CAACI is keen to support aircraft owners and Operators through these challenging times. Our ability to maintain technical liaisons with assigned Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisations is essential aspect to being readily able to achieve productive outcomes.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact, Captain Lindsay Cadenhead, Director Air Safety Regulation or any one of our CAACI Surveyors.