The CAACI has already provided Variations to the Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTAR) in support of a relaxed renewal policy for flight crew and operators. In the case of FLVCs, extensions of existing validations are granted based on receipt of evidence that the ICAO State issuing the base licence has granted an extension due to the current global situation.

In the case of FAA Licence Holders, the United States has issued a “non-enforcement” for flight crew medicals expiring in the coming months until 30 June 2020. However, this policy has been limited to pilots employed by United States operators or owners.

The question is, “Can the CAACI grant an FLVC Extension to the holder of an FAA Licence operating an aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands with an expired FAA Medical?”

The CAACI has no authority to issue an extension or exemption to an FAA Airman Certificate or Medical. Only the FAA can issue those authorisations. In some instances, where an FAA Class 1 Medical reverts to a lower category (Class 2 or 3) after its initial validity period, the CAACI may be able to issue a FLVC with the limitation of “co-pilot only”. Applicants are advised to contact the CAACI before making application to confirm this is an option for them.

The CAACI is committed to supporting aircraft owners and Operators through these challenging times. We appreciate the inconvenience this particular situation may cause some pilots or operators but the decision by the United States FAA is beyond our control.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact, Captain Lindsay Cadenhead, Director Air Safety Regulation at 345-925-9983 or .