Overseas Territories Aviation Requirements (OTAR) reference 61.701

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to adversely affect the aviation world in many ways, one of which is with regards to flight crew maintaining the validity of their licences/ratings, as well as that of operational checks.

With regards to flight crew licences, the CAACI issues CoVs, eligibility for which is based upon the individual pilot holding a current licence, issued in accordance with Annex 1 by another ICAO Member State. In the current circumstances, some ICAO Member States are finding it necessary to issue extensions/exemptions to their requirements in order to permit flight crew licences to remain valid.

This Notice is to remind all pilots and operators that a CoV only remains valid if the licence of the State of Issue, including its associated ratings and medical certificate, comply with the requirements of that State of Issue.

The CAACI has no authority to issue extensions/exemptions to these licences. Only the State of Issue can exercise this authorisation. Certificates of Validation become invalid if no such extensions/exemptions have been granted by the State of Licence issue.

All pilots and operators are reminded to check the validity of their own licences and those of pilots acting as flight crew within their operation, regarding the State of Issue requirements, including any extensions/exemptions that have been issued.

If at any time the State of Issue licence requirements, including validity of medical certificates, are not complied with, that would render the CoV invalid. That licence holder must not fly an aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands. The CAACI must be notified of this situation by the air operator.

If Personnel Licensing extensions/exemptions have been granted by the State of Issue and are being used to maintain the validity of that licence and therefore the CoV, the CAACI must be notified by the operator for acceptance. Notification must include sending copies of the applicable exemptions/extensions being used to asr@caacayman.com .

If you have any additional question please contact Captain Lindsay Cadenhead Director Air Safety Regulation at 345-925-9983.