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The Annual Surveyor’s Conference

Published 12th May 2012

George Town, Grand Cayman (May 2012) – The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) hosted its annual Airworthiness Surveyors’ Conference in Grand Cayman on April 23-25, 2012. Local staff of the Air Safety Regulation division at CAACI attended the meeting, along with CAACI’s contracted airworthiness surveyors and inspectors from the UK, Canada, and Europe. Each year the technical regulatory team meets to collaborate on issues relating to the safety and technical regulatory responsibilities of the CAACI as it pertains to aircraft on the Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry globally.

The CAACI has full designation for aviation safety oversight as a UK Overseas Territory, and is one of only two OTs to enjoy such delegation, the other being Bermuda that also operates an aircraft registry closely linked to th