ATLA Checklist

The following requirements which will augment Air Transport (Licensing of Air Services) Regulations 1977 (subsequent 1981 amendment), Part III, Section 7 (2) and Section 13 & Part IV, Section 27 these requirements will include but are not limited to the following:

  1. Insurance consisting of replacement Hull Loss, Aircraft Liability which must include passengers and crew.
  2. Comprehensive business plan which should include general overview of proposed air transport activities, routes structure, pricing information, financial feasibility, fleet/equipment, marketing plan (including general information on distribution, network, target markets, segmentation of markets), information on employee compliment, etc.
  3. Industry relevant information which must include the number of employees, general information regarding employee conditions, qualifications thereof, location of company, facilities to be utilized for check-in, maintenance support, etc.
  4. Endorsement from CAACI of planned use of specific aircraft type and general notice of meeting AOC requirements.

The above should act as conditions, as well as guidelines for operators wishing to apply for Operating Licenses thru the ATLA, the ATLA may request additional information as it pertains to specific applications.

Note: The Licensing of Air Transport Regulations 1977 and amendment of 1981 can be obtained from the Legislative Assembly.

Last Updated: 2009-06-24