During the current circumstances of “shelter in place” and “social distancing”, the CAACI continues to function in terms of providing regulatory certification and oversight services.

All the CAACI Technical and Support staff have been equipped and resourced to carry out their duties remotely. The function and capacity of our VP-C Online secured electronic data management system provides the means for our clients to continue to apply for initial issue and renewal of the majority of our Civil Aviation documents.

Though in person visits are limited depending on jurisdiction, our Inspectors and Surveyors can accept submission of the documentation supporting a certificate issue or renewals via VP-C Online upload. There the information can be reviewed and where additional information is required, the Surveyor or Inspector can contact the applicant directly via email.

The CAACI policy of physically visiting aircraft for Certificate of Airworthiness (CofA) renewals will resume once travel restrictions are eased depending on the country where the aircraft is based. For aircraft that had CofA’s renewed administratively during this time, operators are advised that the CAACI reserves the right to conduct an onsite inspection to validate submissions to renew the CofA.

The CAACI has Technical resources based in the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, North America and of course the Cayman Islands. This global reach combined with the functional capability of our VP-C Online electronic system allows our clients to apply and receive their formal aviation documents through our secure online portal.

Supporting the Leasing Industry

The CAACI continues to expand its support for Aviation Lessors. The current challenges faced by Lessors are routinely solved by our team of highly experienced Surveyors, Flight Operations Inspectors and CAMO partners. Combine these human and technical resources with the power of VP-C Online; Lessors benefit with innovative and timely solutions for a variety of aircraft transition and storage projects.

Relaxed CAACI Certificate Renewal Policy

Supporting decisions made by other National Aviation Authorities worldwide, the CAACI has adopted a relaxed renewal policy for aviation medicals and flight crew certification renewals. Please see link for full details: https://www.caacayman.com/wp-content/uploads/CAACI-Renewal-Policy-March-2020.pdf

The CAACI blanket Relaxed Renewal Policy comes to an end on 31 July 2020.  Operators and aviation personnel requiring additional time  for renewals may be granted further extensions subject to an acceptable risk mitigation plan submitted to the CAACI.  In the case of certifications issued based on other National Aviation Authority approvals, any additional time, if approved, will be based on the individual state authorisations.  Please contact the Director, Air Safety Regulation or any one of our Technical Staff to arrange for a submission.