Permit Fee Schedule

Fees applicable to the application and processing of operating permits:

Excerpt from the Air Navigation Fees 2010

When an application is made for permission to operate an aircraft registered in a foreign
country to take on board or discharge any passenger or cargo, or to do aerial work, in the
Cayman Islands pursuant to Article 135 or 137 of the Order, the applicant shall pay the
following fees:

Description Fees CI$ Fees US$
(1) In the case of scheduled journeys to be provided over a period not exceeding six months- (i) for aircraft with twenty seats or less, or in the case of a cargo aircraft a certified maximum take-off weight not exceeding 5,700 kg, a fee of $1,000 $1219.51
(ii) in any other case, a fee of $2,500 $3048.78
(2) In the case of non-scheduled journeys to be provided :(i)