Obtaining a Blanket Permit/Verification Letter

Companies that supply more than one off ad-hoc charters or who provide air ambulance services can be issued with either a blanket permit or verification letter. The blanket permit is a pre-paid method of obtaining an operating permit to fly into the Cayman Islands and can be issued for 3 or 6 month periods. It allows unlimited entries to the territory by the aircraft listed on the blanket permit, for the duration of the permit. A verification letter is good for a 6 month period and all flights are billed in arrears based on reconciliation with airports statistics. Each time that you intend to fly to the territory you will be required to complete the application form (Form A) listing the aircraft registration and noting that the “supporting information is on file at the CAACI” for the aircraft listed next to number 17 on the application form.

Required Documents

  1. Designation note/letter issued by the Government designating the airline
    (US charterers are not required to be designated for services to UK Overseas Territories)
  2. Air operating certificate
  3. Certificate of insurance
  4. Certificate of airworthiness
  5. Registration certificate
  6. Noise certificate
  7. Certificate of public convenience and necessity issued by the US Department of Transportation
    (US scheduled passenger services only).
  8. A statement that there are no dangerous goods, weapons or Munitions of war being carried on the flight(s). If dangerous goods are being carried the airline operator must provide confirmation that it has an “exemption” issued by the CAA.
  9. A statement from its flight operations department that the airline is aware of the requirements of article 105 of the air navigation (overseas territories) order 2013 (aerodrome operating minima). Additionally, the airline should ensure that its Aerodrome Operating Minima has been filed with the CAACI.
    If the aircraft are wet or dry leased, the following are required:

    • Contact details (name, address, telephone, fax, telex) of the lessor airline
    • Copy of the lease agreement
    • Confirmation from the lessor airline which of the airlines’ operations and flight manuals will be used (so that it is known for legal purposes which airline will be the “operator” of the aircraft)
  10. A statement that the aircraft are fitted with Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) II VERSION 7.1.
  11. A statement that the aircraft comply with the fm immunity requirements in paragraph 3.1.4 of VOL.1 of ANNEX 10 to the Chicago Convention.
  12. Copy of ops specs showing the relevant approved management structure and the aircraft covered in the relevant AOC and the type of air transport operations aircraft being used for.

Payment Process

The following methods of payment can be accepted by CAA Cayman Islands: