Economic Regulation & Administration

The Economic Regulation & Administration division at the Civil Aviation Authority is responsible for the economic regulation of the aviation industry throughout the Cayman Islands. The division aims to provide effective economic regulatory framework and policies for foreign registered carriers operating into the Cayman Islands as well as the administration of policies and international agreements that govern Cayman Islands’ airlines and in accordance with local legislation and international standards and recommended practices, with the objective of advancing the long-term interests of air transport operators and users.

The Economic Regulation & Administration division at the CAACI oversees the economic regulation of the Cayman aviation industry. The primary responsibilities are as follows:

To establish principles in accordance with ICAO recommendations for economic policy (that include non-discrimination, cost-related, transparency and consultation with users) to regulate air transport services, service providers and facilities;

  1. To license scheduled and non-scheduled air transport operators (this includes all charter and air ambulance providers) in accordance with the Air Navigation (Overseas Territories)
  2. Order with an aim to ensure all operators are duly licensed and providing the highest standards of safety for the travelling public;
  3. To provide a liaison between the Cayman Islands Government and the UK’s Department for Transport for the purpose of negotiating international air service agreements that impact the Cayman Islands (bilateral or multilateral agreements);
  4. To collect and collate statistics and industry indicators pertaining to the air transport industry that can be used for development and planning purposes;
  5. To monitor fares/tariffs for the Cayman Islands aviation industry.
The International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has requested that the Cayman Islands participate in their Statistics Programme, as such all statistical data collected and submitted to the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) directly or via the Cayman Islands Airport Authority (CIAA) must be done on the Air Transport Reporting Forms as required.As the licensing authority for all foreign registered carriers, and in following standard texts within international air service agreements in relation to the provisions for statistics, the CAACI reserves the right to follow these ICAO prescribed standards for the collection of such statistics.

The Administration section within the Economic Regulation & Administration division supports the CAACI with the provision of general services specifically the disciplines of Human Resources, IT, and Business Development. Headed by the Deputy Director-General, Mrs. Nicoela McCoy the team includes the following staff members:

  • Mrs Yvonne Gray-Tomlinson – HR/Office Administrator
  • Mrs Elaine Whorms – Supervisor Economic Regulation/Air Carrier Licensing Officer
  • Vacant – Business Development Administrative Assistant
  • Vacant – Administrative Assistant/Receptionist
  • Vacant – Marketing and Communications Officer
  • Ms  Tori Miller – Administrative Assistant
  • IT services currently outsourced to Fiderus Ltd.

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